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At Royal Oak Dog Grooming, our passion for dogs goes paw-in-paw with our commitment to health. Your beloved pet deserves a sanctuary that’s as clean as a laboratory, and that’s exactly what we’ve created. With our non-porous flooring, the safety of your fur baby is never compromised, ensuring a bacteria-free environment unlike any other grooming space.

Our commitment to cleanliness extends to every corner of our facility, with stainless steel kennels and bathing stations designed for impeccable hygiene. Our state-of-the-art hydraulic grooming tables and bathing stations make for a stress-free experience, even for dogs with special needs like hip dysplasia.

Cleanliness is Next to Dogliness

At Royal Oak Dog Grooming, what sets us apart is our uncompromising commitment to sterilization, ensuring the utmost safety for your beloved pet. Unlike typical grooming facilities with concrete floors that can harbor harmful bacteria, our grooming space boasts laboratory-grade, non-porous flooring. This design choice prevents the growth of microorganisms, creating a safer environment for your furry friend.

Our dedication to cleanliness extends to our equipment as well. Our kennels and bathing stations are crafted from stainless steel, allowing us to maintain a sterile environment. Additionally, we utilize hydraulic bathing stations and grooming tables, ensuring comfortable access for all dogs, including those with hip dysplasia, facilitating safe entry and exit.

Royal Oak Dog Grooming welcomes dogs of all sizes and breeds, from doodles to poodles. We take pride in using only high-quality grooming products, all of which are made in the USA. Recognizing the unique needs of each pet, we are equipped to groom dogs that require medication, those with anxiety issues, or those that are temperamental. We are experienced in handling dogs on various treatments, including daily allergy medications, trazodone, gabapentin, ACE inhibitors, and CBD/THC.

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